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about JSF designs

Exceptional interior design should motivate and inspire you. It’s not just a physical arrangement of elements balanced aesthetically with the structural elements, but also a psychological experience. A feeling you draw confidence from and one you hope to communicate to those passing through. Life is just a little easier, and perhaps a little more luxurious, when you begin your day in a bespoke, conscious space. JSF Designs helps to discover what inspires and motivates you and transmutes that into a tailored physical manifestation of your identity and vision. A distinctive design, “Designed for Life”.

formal training

There are many factors that contribute to JSF’s signature style. Most notably are Jenn Frost’s wide breadth of experience in the design industry, world travels, and the southern elegance North Carolina offers.

After acquiring her bachelor’s degree from The Illinois Institute of Art in 2002, she gained experience working for a variety of prestigious companies in the architectural, commercial, and residential worlds. Her career began with the nationally-recognized Legat Architects in Chicago, Illinois. It was here that Jenn’s passion for clean, modern lines was cultivated. She drew inspiration from the city life and historic architecture of Chicago. Using strong design to ground and direct the flow of life into her designed spaces. From Legat, she moved into commercial design working for Studio One and then further took on the residential world with Mark Cook and Associates – a highly competitive, award-winning design firm. Both commercial and residential design taught her to balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning and functionality.

In 2005, Jenn moved to Raleigh, NC, accepting a position with Model Home Interiors (MHI) – the largest model home merchandizing firm on the East Coast. She designed over 200 model homes, experimenting with her new surroundings and injecting a little sophisticated southern elegance into her polished modern designs. The 12-year experience with MHI developed her signature style and gave her the confidence to begin her own design firm, JSF Designs.


Specializing in high end residential homes and commercial spaces, her work has been showcased in a multitude of publications and she’s a Gold Award recipient at the 2018 Parade of Homes. After 15 years as an Interior Designer, she’s established loyal relationships with many local and national high end furniture, lighting, and art manufactures. She loyally attends Design Trade Shows and enjoys poring over the latest design magazine. When not working, or traveling, she enjoys the North Carolina terrain with her dog, Lily, and has even been known to curate a client’s wine cellar.

Jenn is a native of Wisconsin, and true to the Midwest stereotype, she is a genuine, really nice person. She has a truthful willingness to help understand and bring your vision to fruition. To complement your request with her timeless, sophisticated, functional style. Jenn truly intends the double entendre of her catch phrase “Designed for Life”

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